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Michael with Flora
A Note from Michael

On a break with Nellie, out by the garden shed.
Hi Everyone,

Thank you for your continued support of my music. I am so happy and grateful we are on this journey together. Thanks to Dan Beach for crafting and maintaining this website with humor, grace and integrity. He is a true gentleman and a valued friend.
I recall the "early days" when we left newsletter sign-up forms on the tables in the clubs...remember? Claudia did a massive mailing from the old farmhouse and I am picturing her surrounded by stacks of newsletters - folding, stickering - she hand addressed each one and I think that might be when her hair turned grey!
Then Dan came along and convinced us to get on the web. As I am by nature camera-shy and fairly quiet, I wondered what I would say when it was time for an update! (Dan was always graciously patient!) Then along came Facebook and here we are! While we do post upcoming gigs on Facebook, we will also keep the site up to date with concert info too. Please visit us on Facebook. (I am not a Twitter kind of guy)
Thanks again for sharing and encouraging my creative life! Love you guys!
As always-
Wishing you Health, Prosperity and Happiness-
Peace, Love and Rescue,
-- SOJG *
Signed, Michael Franks

* A few years ago we were playing the House of Blues in New Orleans (a perennial stop for us). I left after the soundcheck to hunt down some vegan food. When I returned just before showtime there was a large crowd lined up in front of the club. I had to cut through this line to get to the stage door. A young House of Blues employee was directing people and when a couple passed by and asked "Who's playing tonight?" he replied "I don't know. Some Old Jazz Guy." And this is how I've referred to myself to Claudia ever since...

Ready to hit the road.Michael's DeskMichael in his studio
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The Music In My Head (2018)
Michael Franks:
      The Dream 1973-2011
Time Together
Rendezvous in Rio
Love Songs (2004)
Watching the Snow (2003)
The Michael Franks Anthology:
      The Art Of Love
Barefoot on the Beach(1999)
The Best of Michael Franks:
      A Backward Glance (1998)
Abandoned Garden (1995)
Dragonfly Summer (1993)
Blue Pacific (1990)
Camera Never Lies (1987)
Skin Dive (1985)
Passionfruit (1983)
Objects of Desire (1982)
One Bad Habit (1980)
Tiger in the Rain (1979)
Burchfield Nines (1978)
Sleeping Gypsy (1977)
Art of Tea (1975)
Michael Franks (1973)

Newest CD
The Music in My Head

Time Together album cover The CD is available from Amazon.com, and local record stores, with digital downloads from iTunes and Amazon.com.

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  New Release from Rhino France

ReleaseRhino Records France has released a 5-CD set
"Michael Franks: The Dream 1973-2011".
This 73 track box set contains hits, fan favorites, rarities and so much more. Orders now at Amazon.com



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