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Recordings of Michael's Songs
by Other Artists


Shirley Bassey - The Magic Is You/Thoughts of Love (United Artists)
Shirley sings "Nightmoves"

David Benoit - Remembering Christmas (GRP)
Michael and David perform the classic "Christmas Time is Here" with a few new lyrics that are classic MF!

Breeze Band - Second Wind They recorded "Bring Out The Boogie In Me"

Dee Dee Bridgewater - Just Family (Elektra)
Dee Dee sings "Nightmoves"

Ana Caram - Amazonia and Postcards From Rio
Recorded "Antonio's Song"

Carpenters - Passage (A&M)
Karen sings "Bwana He No Home"

Natalie Cole - Ask a Woman Who Knows
Natalie recorded "Tell Me All About It"

Kacy Colleen - You Were Meant For Me (Big House Records)
Kacy does a beautiful job interpreting "You Were Meant For Me"

Cal Collins - S'Us Four - Jazz Guitar Cincinnati Style
Recorded "Down In Brazil"

Djavan - Bird of Paradise (Columbia/CBS)
Djavan sings "Bird of Paradise". He wrote the music and asked Michael to write English lyrics...

Laura Fygi - The Lady Wants to Know (Mercury)
Laura sings the title song and Laura and MF sing "Tell Me All About It" together.

Gordon Haskell - The Lady Wants To Know (Hypertension)
This contains 11 Michael Franks songs

The Hi-Los - "Now"
(Pausa Records)
They sing Mr Blue

Carla Helmbrecht - Be Cool Be Kind
She recorded " How I Remember You"

Jackie and Roy - East of Suez (Concord Jazz)
They sing "Don't Be Blue"

Diana Krall - When I Look in Your Eyes
Diana recorded "Popsicle Toes"

Patti Labelle - Patti Labelle / Tasty (Epic)
Patti sings "Monkey See-Monkey-Do".

Miss Peggy Lee - Close Enough for Love (DRG)
Miss Lee sings "A Robinsong"

Lyle Lovett - Release Me (Lost Highway)
Lyle sings "White Boy Lost in the Blues"

Melissa Manchester - Help Is on the Way (Arista)
Melissa sings "Monkey See-Monkey Do"

The Manhattan Transfer - Coming Out (Atlantic)
They sing "Popsicle Toes"

Mark-Almond - Other Peoples Rooms (Horizon)
They do "Vivaldi's Song"

Claire Martin - Offbeat: Live at Ronnie Scott's Club and Linn Box: 3
Recorded "Monk's New Tune"

Carmen McRae - Recorded Live at Bubba's (Bubba's Live Recordings)
Carmen sings "Underneath the Apple Tree"

The Bob Mintzer Big Band - Departure (DMP)
MF sings "My Foolish Heart"

Mark Murphy - Stolen & Other Moments (Muse)
Mark sings "Don't Be Blue"

Mark Murphy - Satisfaction Guaranteed (Muse)
Mark sings the title song

Mark Murphy - September Ballads (Milestone)
Mark sings a beautiful rendition of "When She is Mine"

Veronica Nunn - The Art of Michael Franks

Veronica Nunn - American Lullaby
Veronica sings "Don't Be Blue"

Osunlade - Presents Offering
Recorded "Don't Be Blue"

Joanie Pallatto - TWO
She recorded "Lady Wants to Know"

Rebecca Parris - Spring
Recorded "Alone at Night" and "Tell Me All About It"

Raj Rathor - Jazz Cat
Recorded "Under The Apple Tree"

Howard Roberts - Real Howard Roberts (Concord Jazz)
an instrumental of "The Lady wants To Know"

Brenda Russell - Ultimate Collection: Brenda Russell
Recorded "When I Give My Love To You"

Joe Sample - Spellbound (Warner Bros)
Michael and Joe wrote "Leading Me Back To You" together with Michael singing---and then they wrote "Somehow Our Love Survives" together and asked Al Jarreau to do a guest vocal.

Ringo Starr - Bad Boy (CBS Records)
Ringo sings "Monkey See-Monkey Do"

Swing City Express - Arrives on Time
They recorded "Popsicle Toes"

Livingston Taylor - Our Turn to Dance (Vanguard)
Michael joins his friend Liv on this duet penned by LT.

Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee - Sonny & Brownie (A&M)
The record that started it all! Michael wrote 3 tunes for Sonny and Brownie--"You Bring Out The Boogie In Me" sung by Brownie; "White Boy Lost In The Blues" with John Mayall joining in; and "Jesus Gonna Make It Alright". MF also played acoustic guitar on various cuts.

Robin Work - "Pure Imagination"
Recorded "Tell Me All About It"

Yellowjackets - The Dream (MP3 Download)
(Warner Bros)
It was recorded live in L.A. and Michael sang the lyrics to this 'Jacket tune as guest vocalist. Backup vocals were by Brenda Russell and Marilyn Scott.

Nonoy Zuniga - Impressions
Recorded "Lady Wants To Know"


Author! Author! - a film starring Al Pacino.
MF sings the title track "Coming Home to You"
Written by Dave Grusin and the Bergmans

Moment By Moment [LP VINYL] - Soundtrack (RSO Records)
"The Lady Wants to Know" by MF

Are You My Mother? - An ABC Afterschool Special
Michael appears in this film with Michael York and sings the title track "Life on the Street". He received an Emmy for writing the music for this show.

Zandy's Bride [VHS] - a film starring Liv Ullmann and Gene Hackman - Directed by Jan Troell - Michael scored the music to this film (available on DVD)


Jazz to the World (Blue Note) - Various Artists - Michael sang "Let It Snow" and was joined in the studio by Veronica Nunn, Carla Bley, Steve Swallow, Danny Gottlieb and Manolo for this CD to benefit Special Olympics

Warner Bros. Jazz Christmas Party (various artists) (Warner Bros)
Finally -a recording of "I Bought You A Plastic Star For Your Aluminum Tree"

Jazz Noel (various artists)( (Windham Hill)
Michael does an original tune "Island Christmas"

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