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More Photos from the Scrapbook
Photo by Claudia Franks
Circa Sleeping Gypsy.
(L-R) Ray Armando, MF, Dave Montgomery,
Bill Henderson, John B. Williams.
Photo: Claudia Franks.
Michael & Will Lee
Circa Passionfruit.
Will Lee, MF.
Photo: Claudia Franks.

At San Francisco's Great American Music Hall, circa 1976
Photo: Charles Nordin
A show in Paris
A Show in Paris
Photo: Danny Gottlieb

Tour of Australia 1980, with Claudia and wombat

with Jimmy Haslip

with Bashiri Johnson

with Will Lee

with John Patitucci
... photograph from Tokyo, December 1998 ...

the Hie Shrine in Tokyo
... photographs from Moscow, 1990 ...

Agent Jim Gosnell and Tour Manager John Rozenberg
in Red Square

The Moscow River
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